About JWR

Operating out of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, John Walko Racing has established a national reputation in the open-wheel racing arena. Their state-of-the-art race shop in Trafford, PA has become the foundation for their expanding open-wheel program.

Most recently, John Walko has worked in the F2000 Championship Series as well numerous vintage and project car operations. In the highly competitive F2000 Championship Series, Walko has racked up several wins, and established a prowess for fine-tuning both machine and driver. Similarly, Walko’s involvement in vintage racing has produced widespread successes with multiple race wins.

Less recently, John Walko has been the force behind numerous championships, including both the 2005 Star Mazda Series and 2004 Formula Ford Zetec Series championships. Additionally, John was behind the scenes for and have SCCA RunOffs titles. Since 2003, John Walko has been honored with the distinction of “Crew Chief of the year” and “Engineer of the Year” in the Formula Zetec Championship.